Steps to Take when You Feel Home Care is ‘Controlling’ the Elderly Individual

Home Care in Canton OH

Home Care in Canton OH There are numerous concerns family members have when they have to hire home care services for an elderly loved one. One of the most common concerns revolves around neglect. Hiring through an agency helps to limit and minimize risk because most agencies conduct thorough interviews and many conduct background checks…

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Caregiver Tips: Dealing with Criticism about Your Care

Caregiver in Navarre OH

Caregiver in Navarre OH Taking on the role of being a family caregiver for your elderly parents is not an easy step. Even if your aging loved ones only need a small amount of care and assistance to handle needs such as running errands, getting to doctors’ appointments, and keeping up with their home, the…

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Family Offers Some of the Best Benefits for Senior Care (but Maybe Not Like How You Think)

Senior Care in Akron OH

Senior Care in Akron OH According to the AARP, there are proximally 44.4 million family caregivers working in this country at this time. Many of those caregivers don’t consider other senior care options, mostly because they either believe it’s their duty and responsibility to take care of their elderly loved one, or they have bought…

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When You Feel Mother’s Day is for Others because You’re a Busy Caregiver

Caregiver in Perry Township OH

Caregiver in Perry Township OH The first time you were a mother it was probably the most joyous moment of your life. Sure, giving birth and going through that pain was not something you wish to remember, but the joy of seeing and holdingyour baby for the first time was likely overwhelming. Those are the…

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Why Professional Home Care Services is a Great Step for a Senior with Hearing Loss

Home Care Services in Jackson Township OH

Home Care Services in Jackson Township OH It may seem that a senior who has experienced some type of hearing loss wouldn’t require home care services. After all, hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other treatment options can help the senior hear better, at least to some degree. So why would professional home care services be…

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