How Do I Talk to Mom or Dad About Their Driving in Canton, Ohio?

Have you ever thought that mom or dad should hang their car keys up for good? You are not alone. There comes a time in most

Should mom or dad still be driving?

people’s lives after a certain point where that becomes a real dilemma. It is truly difficult to decide when someone should stop driving, since you need to balance safety considerations, pride and control.  So is driving really that big of a deal? After all they have been doing it for decades. When you drive, different regions of your brain cooperate to receive sensory data (through hearing and sight), prioritize information, recall related past experiences, anticipate likely scenarios, analyze options, plan ahead, use proper judgement, synchronize movement responses, and juggle more than one task at a time. And, because of the nature of driving, each of these required tasks needs to be accomplished with adequate speed.

For most people driving represents freedom and control. It’s a way to access healthcare, to buy necessities, to be productive and to stay connected to family, friends and the community. Giving up driving can be a deeply personal and emotional issue. The challenge becomes preserving a person’s sense of independence for as long as possible, while simultaneously protecting the safety of that person and others. Many times, caregivers will allow a person to continue driving even though they believe it’s unsafe. They might not want to hurt that person’s feelings, or they may worry about what others might think. Some may want support from family, friends or professionals  before intervening, and others want to delay taking on the responsibility of providing transportation.

The good news is there are options for you . Discuss your parents driving the next time you accompany them to their doctor’s appointment. Tell them that you would like a doctor’s order to evaluate their driving. If they write an order Mercy Medical has a driver rehabilitation program where they can be evaluated and given therapy if indicated and it may be covered under insurance. They always do a pre-qualification for insurance purposes so there are no surprises. To learn more on this great program watch this informative video Or call Mercy Medical at 330- 487-1135. If you or your loved one needs assistance in their home or needs transportation please call the caring staff at Rather Be Home L.L.C. at 330-526-0483. Make sure to LIKE us on Facebook too!  Please subscribe to our newsletter by clicking HERE