Scams Targeting The Elderly and How to Prevent Them In Canton, Ohio

Phone call scams especially those targeting the elderly have been widespread nowadays. The phone call scammers target the naïve individuals in the society, and the elderly is one. The common ways used by these scammers revolve around schemes attributed to contests, magazines, home improvements, equity skimming, investments, and insurance. Scamming the elderly has grown so much in the recent years due to the fact they are lonely making them more vulnerable to their prey.

Below is a list of the various ways that the elderly in the society are scammed and the best way to solve them each of them;

Health insurance fund. In this, scamming the elderly is done via phone calls and physical home visits where the fraudster poses as a Medicare representative where the target is tricked into giving up their personal information that is used to rip them off.

The solution for this scamming against the elderly is to just slam the door and chase away the person trying to scam you in case you are in doubt.

Phone call scams are also another form of scamming the elderly where the scammers will call you claiming to be from the IRS.

Everyone should register with the National Do Not Call Registry.

Caller ID spoofing is also common where the name of your bank appears and is used to source funds from the elderly.

The solution to this is not to call back any number you do not know to minimize the chance of spoofing. The elderly should also be educated that IRS never call or use emails. They only use U.S. mail.

Homeowner scams. The seniors who live alone are a target for this scamming where. Some fake contractors will offer to help out the elderly by offering to do some repairs in the house and while at it they will create additional imaginary problems’ and convince them to cough up some extra cash.

To prevent this scamming the elderly from happening, then you should visit your aging relatives more often so that you can notice anything fishy. Being a bit nosy helps here since they might resist from telling you about their financial issues.